Gestalt Process & Training Groups


Gestalt Process & Training Groups

Gestalt Process Group (Accepting Clients on an Ongoing Basis)

Through the exploration of mindful awareness, community support, self-support, and boundaries, we are inviting group participants to explore a deepening of contact with ourselves and others. Our group does not have a single theme. We invite group members to bring all parts of themselves and notice what is present in the current moment. We believe that noticing and honoring our differences is essential in making meaningful contact with self and others.

Thus, there is no “type” of group member we are looking for, and no “right or wrong” way to be in the group – whether we are talking about difference in race, gender, sexuality, expression of yourself (introverted or extroverted) or physical ability, just to name a few. We want to provide a safe place where all people are welcome and honored. We hope to provide a place for members to find and give support, explore what happens when a range of emotions emerge, and notice how we impact or are impacted by others. We will invite several forms of exploration, including personal, interpersonal and dream work.

If you are interested, please contact:
Margaret at 415-702-1588 / email:
or Keith at 415-548-1963 / email:

Cost: $50 per person per group
Location: Zazen at 2219 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94123
Time: Tuesday 10:00am - 11:40pm

Gestalt Consultation Group (starting on January 12th, 2016)

This is a small Gestalt consultation group (of 4 to 6 folks) which will be run using Gestalt values and principles. The Gestalt principle of paying attention to what is emergent in one's personal awareness field as one brings forward a consultation case will be a primary guide. As the case is presented, others in the group will also be encouraged to pay attention to their thoughts, feelings, body sensations/postures and fantasies/images that come up for them. Thus, we will be using what's emergent in both the personal and group consciousness to inform us on how to work with each case that is presented. In addition, we will be doing one-on-one Gestalt work (if needed) with internal parts that are evoked when presenting the consultation case. And of course, all of this will morph and evolve as we will pay attention to what the group wants and needs on any given day.

Requirements: Any practitioner who is currently seeing clients and has prior exposure to Gestalt therapy

Facilitator: Srini Katragadda (Trainer and Group Facilitator, Bay Area Gestalt Institute)

Logistics: We will meet every other Tuesday (starting on January 12th, 2016) for 2 hours (1:30pm to 3;30pm) at my office in San Francisco (1829 Market Street, Suite 207). Fee will be $60 and a commitment of 4 months is required.  

lu and srini

Gestalt Training Group with Lu Grey and Srini Katragadda

In this comprehensive foundation Gestalt course we will: 

  • Focus on awareness and how to work with it in the here and now. 
  • Explore ways that heightened awareness of the world around and within you can enrich your life.
  • Work with our dreams, parts and somatic sensation in an experiential and existential way. 
  • Participate in Gestalt group process. 
  • Examine our beliefs about therapy and how they impact our day to day life. 

Group size limited to 14. Registration will open in March 2016. 

Building Your Private Practice

Building Your Private Practice

Building Your Private Practice 

This group is for therapists who are committed to building a thriving and purposeful private practice. 

Coming Soon ... 



Sustainable Recovery

Sustainable Recovery


Explore issues related to recovery in a supportive environment. Together we will look at the underlying issues that fuel addiction and talk about how to treat them. This group will focus on healthy relationships, relapse prevention and creating an awesome life recovery! Groups have been found to be extremely effective in treating addiction and and helping individuals gain the support, tools and awareness necessary for a full and meaningful recovery. 

This group will be facilitated by Hannah Green MFTI

Hannah Green is an MFTI with the Bay Area Gestalt Institute in private practice. She has years of experience working closely with alcoholism and addiction, works with many people in recovery and is committed to supporting joyful and sustainable recovery in herself and others. For more information about Hannah and her psychotherapy practice visit her website.

This group is currently closed. Please email us for a free phone consultation and to learn more about how this group can support you in creating the life you want.