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These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them
— Rumi

Multicultural psychotherapist. Corporate background. American born daughter of immigrants.

I was introduced to the world of psychotherapy first as a client.  

My parents immigrated to the US from South Asia in 1971. I grew up in a small North Carolina town...most people had big yards and a southern mindset. I didn't fit I left as quickly as I could. In college, my Indian roots nudged me towards studies in Engineering (BioMedical & Electrical) and then eventually onto Business. I worked in the corporate world for a good bit. Some startups, too. A part of me still relishes the fast-paced, jet-setting life I in London...traveling the world...taking in so many new experiences as I rapidly climbed the corporate ladder. My life seemed quite grand from the outside, but I was suffering on the inside. I craved deep relationships with others. Still do. But at that time in my life, deeper relationships were challenging for me to cultivate because I struggled to be fully seen by others. I decided to seek help from a therapist. I worked hard on myself. I spent many dark nights of the soul, and at some point along my therapeutic journey, I began to more deeply understand how my nuanced experience as a First-Generation American greatly informed how I relate to others. In truth, I learned that my greater struggle was less about being accepted by others and more about me fully accepting all parts of myself. My Indian parts, my American parts. All of me.

Needless to say, my work with my therapist was very impactful.  So impactful that eventually I decided to leave my corporate life and pursue a whole different course of study.  I went back to school to earn another Masters, this time in Counseling Psychology.  And now I focus my practice on working with immigrants and adult-children of immigrants....Third Culture Kids (TCK).  I work with multi-cultural and multi-racial couples, too.  And I work with successful, career-driven achievers.  These are the demographics that I belong to and can most easily relate to.

In the work I do with you, I bring depth and breadth of experience from learnings as both clinician and client. My approach as a therapist (and in my personal life) is rooted in mindfulness. In our sessions together, I often focus on your awareness. By expanding your awareness, you give yourself more choice...choice around behaviors that can help you move towards introducing the changes you wish for.  In my practice, I strive to cultivate a relationship with you that is meaningful, respectful, honest and direct, yet gentle. My hope is that all parts of you feel welcomed with me and that we build safety and acceptance in our therapeutic relationship together. My hope is that I can help you grow in the ways you wish to grow.  

You can learn more about me and how I work on my website here:


  • First Generation Americans...3rd Culture Kids (adults)

  • Immigrants

  • Corporate go-getters

  • Racial Identity

  • Relationships...romantic or otherwise

  • Mindfulness-based approaches to therapy

Office Locations

  • 110 Gough Street, Suite 203 in San Francisco -Hayes Valley neighborhood, just off of Market Street

Telephone: 415-689-3586

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist  #101484
Supervised by Gieve Patel, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MFC #47196