My therapeutic approach is based on the principlE of honoring people’s complexities, where all aspects of oneself are welcome

Too often, as a survival strategy, we have to leave aspects of ourselves behind or allow certain aspects to take precedence over others. By developing greater awareness of all aspects of ourselves and bringing them all into dialogue, we are able to move toward a greater sense of wholeness.

My approach to therapy is rooted in the belief that by increasing awareness of our emotions and environmental ‘triggers’ and how we are impacted on an emotional and physiological level by different situations and dynamics in our lives, we are able to develop more freedom and choice around how we engage with the people and world around us.

As a therapist, I am especially committed to supporting the Latinex and immigrant communities, as well as people who identify as queer, LGBTQQI-TS, gender-queer, gender variant and gender non-conforming. As a queer Brazilian immigrant, I myself hold multiple perspectives and have developed strong skills for navigating the complexities of existing in different cultures and social circles. I bring an acute awareness of the dynamics of inequality into my practice, with a passion for unpacking these dynamics and doing my own ongoing work to avoid reproducing them.  

I work with adults, teens, families and couples.  I offer sessions in Portuguese and English.

If you are seeing me in couple’s or family therapy, my focus is on bringing awareness to the ways in which you relate to each other, and finding new outcomes to recurring issues.  I will help you explore your individual needs, as well as your collective needs, and how to better communicate those needs to each other.  I will support you in navigating the places where you might feel ‘stuck’ as a couple and find creative ways to move through these places. 

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  • Going through life transitions

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one

  • Getting in touch with one’s needs and how to meet them

  • Wanting a career change or a major life change

  • Processing day-to-day work, social, and/or family life in a confidential setting

Office Locations

  • San Francisco - Noe Valley

  • Oakland- Near MacArthur BART

TELephone: (510) 838-1206


Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Associate #105766
Supervised by Gieve Patel, LMFT #47196