What is gestalt therapy?

Gestalt psychotherapy is a style of therapy that focuses on your here and now awareness of the present moment. At its core, it holds firm the view that all people are striving towards growth and balance and views individuals as inextricably linked and influenced by their environments. Gestalt therapists and their clients use creative and experiential techniques to embrace awareness, agency and self-responsibility. Gestalt therapy believes that change comes as a result of acceptance of what is, rather than by forcing ourselves. Thus, therapy sessions can focus on helping people learn to become more self-aware and to accept and trust in their feelings and experiences to alleviate distress.

What are your fees?

Generally, fees range from around $100 to around $200 per session depending on the therapist. Any one of our counselors would be happy to discuss their current fees with you at any time. When possible many of our therapists offer reduced fee slots for those in financial need. If you are seeking a reduced fee please be sure to address this with us during your phone consultation.

what happens during the free 15 minute phone consultation?

You and a phone consultant will discuss the issues you're currently looking to work on. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any additional questions that you may have about our practice, or talk to our consultant about which therapist might be right for you. At the end of the consultation, you and the consultant will decide what the next step will be in regards to therapy.

Are my sessions confidential?

Therapy is a private and safe environment in which to work through challenges. All sessions and records are confidential. There are, however, some legal limitations to confidentiality. These limitations include, but are not limited to: reporting child, elder and dependent adult abuse; when a client makes a reasonable threat of violence towards a reasonably identifiable victim; when the client is dangerous to themselves, or another person, or when there is a court order. If confidentiality is a concern for you, please do not hesitate to bring this up with your therapist at any time.

How do i choose a therapist?

If possible, it's a good idea to have a sense of your goals/needs/expectations of therapy before you begin. If you've been to therapy before, think of what has worked and what hasn't. A telephone consultation with us, is a great starting point to get some of your initial questions answered for us to determine which of our counselors may be a great fit for you.

Do you take INsurance?

Our therapists do not take insurance, but we may provide you with a super bill for you to present to your health care provider for possible reimbursement.

How long is each session?

Clients generally meet with their therapist weekly, for 50 minute sessions. Many clients prefer, however, to meet for longer or more frequently than once a week. You and your therapist can discuss what's right for you.

How do I start?

To get started, just contact us and someone will get back to you with next steps. Congratulations on this brave and helpful step.