Learning is the discovery that something is possible.
— Fritz Perls

My passion is to help clients experience greater aliveness, creativity and contactful relationships.

My approach focuses less on dysfunction and rather, invites growth and excitement. My curiosity tends to invite the question of “how” we experience our thoughts, feelings, and our outer world. For example, if you are experiencing a sense of being stuck, I am likely to become curious about your unique experience of what it is like to be stuck. As our awareness expands, we notice options and choices that were previously beyond our imagination. If you are looking for more fulfilling relationships, less suffering and anxiety, and a deeper sense of what you truly want, I would be excited and grateful to support you in your journey.

My style is calm, nonjudgmental, and collaborative. I work with clients to help them explore how they stop themselves and stifle their intuition. Together we do this by slowing down one’s processes and inviting our attention to notice what is happening in the moment. My approach is client centered, meaning I do not presume to know what is best for my clients. Instead, I want to walk beside and with my clients to help them increasingly trust and embody their own inner wisdom.

I work with couples, families and individuals to support communication and expression, develop appreciation for boundaries, learn about differences and navigate from a deeper sense of one’s values and needs. I work with couples and families of all configurations, immigrants, LGBTQI/gender identity, infidelity and openness, intimacy, sex and love addiction, sobriety and moderation management, teenagers, depression, anxiety, aging, memory loss, artists, parenting and co-parenting, money issues, transitions, separation and endings, grief and loss, death and dying, PTSD and trauma. I am sex-positive, queer and kink friendly.

My education includes an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science for Business from DeVry. I have twenty-plus years of experience in technology and business, coaching and mentoring, leadership, and organizational development.

Selecting a therapist can be daunting. To help support your selection process, I offer a 15 minute initial phone consultation at no charge. This approach can help each of us determine if we might be a good fit for continued therapeutic work. 

For more information and to contact me directly, please visit my web site - keithpacker.com


  • LGBTQI/Gender Identity
  • Infidelity & Openness
  • Sex & Love Addiction
  • Separation & Endings
  • Money Issues

Office Locations

  • 2370 Market St. @ Castro, Suite #104, San Francisco CA 94114

Telephone(415) 548-1963

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #102069